Advanced Guest Post Prospecting Tips for Link Developers

Five effective and easy-to-uncover link building sources

Guest post prospecting for link developers is one of the most time-sucking parts of search engine optimization (SEO). For an SEO consultant, link building is part of the online marketing efforts for clients. However, it’s also one of the most difficult elements to master effectively.

For good site optimization in the search engines, as well as for organic search, you need to build and maintain a natural link profile for your website or blog through guest posting on other high-ranking, relevant sites and blogs. The idea is that when these sites publish your guest post article (containing at least one link back to your site) it will create a piggy back approach and you will drive some of the traffic from the high ranking site back to your own. In terms of link building, there is certainly power by association.

While the power of link building is a proven optimization technique, the prospecting for guest posting is laborious. A link builder must approach a wide range of guest posting opportunities and generate the right targets and leads so they stay relevant to you link building campaign.

Guest post prospecting is much more than running a few Google searches to find content-rich websites relevant to your industry. It takes patience and determination to uncover a huge number of quality prospects month after month that are not only relevant, but also high ranking blogs with a lot of traffic.

To help you out, here are my tips to help link developers find guest posting prospects.

1. Using search queries

Using advanced search queries can detect guest posting opportunities quite quickly. However, you need to know how to get the biggest bang for your search. When performing a search query the aim is to filter out websites with your preferred domain extension or search term within its URL. For example, if I was trying to find guest post opportunities for a real estate site, I would use this search query: Real estate “Guest post” / Real estate “Write for us”). I might also use terms like “property investment” that accept posts from guest bloggers in my industry.

2. Utilize Twitter

Twitter is meant to connect like-minded people or customers with businesses so obviously it has its guest posting prospecting benefits. If you already have a Twitter account, you might be already interacting with other bloggers in your niche as far as sharing resources and experience. Why not use Twitter to prospect for guest posting opportunities too? You can do a quick search for potential guest blogs by using tools like Follower Wonk, which allows you to search through Twitter bios to identify targets for link building relationships. This tool also provides a great analytics tool to keep tabs on your competitors.

3. Reverse photo searches to find link building opportunities

I do this a lot when I find out an image from my blog has been used by another site. For example, if I was running a bakery blog and one of my “wedding cakes” images was used I would track down the website and then reach out to them for a link building opportunity. I mean, they obviously like my work, right? I do this by send them a polite email saying that I see they’ve used my image and that it’s fine by me as long as they add a link back to website as the image source. This is the same thing that Pinterest is doing in essence—letting folks pin images from the web as they like as long as they provide an original link-back to the source.

4. Searching directories and blog rolls

Another great way to find guest posting opportunities is via industry directories and blog rolls. The great thing about these is that everything you see will somehow be connected to your industry niche. Plus, if you visit sites listed in directories and blog rolls, you can prospect from their individual links that might be from websites that you haven’t approached yet. You can also use these as a source for blog post topics.

5. Look to your PPC campaigns for link opportunities

If you already run a PPC campaign (even a small, low cost campaign), you have a great source for guest post prospecting in your midst and might not even know it. Look to your PPC campaign at the related blogs (you can easily find the bloggers contact info from there). Compliment their blog content and ask if they accept guest posts.

About The Author

Caeden M MacGregor is a staff writer and internet marketing consultant for Prestige Marketing, a Vancouver SEO company. Caeden often writes about blogging, viral marketing, social media, and other internet marketing tips and techniques.