Fashion Marketing News: Homecoming Searches Surpass Prom

Homecoming Searches Trend UpwardHomecoming dress search trends
The fashion industry is an ever-changing world in which retailers need to stay on top of trends in order to be successful. Retailers flock to trade shows and fashion events taking mental notes to stay abreast. However, Google is sometimes an overlooked source of trend information.
“Google” has unsurprisingly become a staple in peoples’ lives.
Have a question you don’t know the answer to? Google to the rescue! According to data derived from Google, can you guess what the most searched upon “special occasion dress” search all-time is? Answer: “prom dresses.” That was… until this month.September 2012 will be the first month where searches on Google for “homecoming dresses” will be the most frequently searched term for special occasion dress searches… ever! However, it should be noted that this “win” for “homecoming dresses” is based on seasonality and will only be a one-month phenomenon; “prom dresses” will continue to get more than 10 times as many searches over the course of the full year.

As shown in the charts, searches for both “homecoming dresses” and “prom dresses” are driven by season. Not surprisingly, searches for “prom dresses” peak during March,September for “homecoming dresses.” Of note is the fact that September 2012 is the first time “homecoming dresses” (blue line) has been greater than “prom dresses” (red line).

On a worldwide basis, there may end up being as many as 300,000 searches on Google for the term homecoming dresses during September. While the two trend lines have touched in past years, this will be the first year in which the blue line has surpassed the red line for a full month.

The marketing implication of this finding is that it may be appropriate to focus increased marketing and sales efforts on homecoming. While prom is going to continue to be the big driver of special event dress sales, at least during the fall, there may be an opportunity to increase sales by communicating to your target audience that your location is the best place to find the perfect homecoming dress. As homecoming continues its uprise as a fashion-minded event, sales for Mac Duggal Homecoming and Homecoming-like dresses have steadily increased.

Three Mac Duggal dresses that are selling particularly well during this homecoming season are shown below:

Homecoming Dress