How to Use Instagram For Your Business?


Instagram is an application that surely rings a bell for most of us tech and photo enthusiasts. It opens a new window of art and social interaction in a very interesting way. In this article, which was prepared thanks to the english essay writing servicewe will discuss how you can take advantage of Instagram in the business world for more success.

Instagram Craze and How it Works

Since Facebook’s aggressive acquisition of Instagram, it has become an instant craze, more so after it finally landed on Android as well. The great application lets you take photos and apply various filters and effects easily, then let’s you combine photos according to your preferences and allows you to easily share it all over those social networking sites. Instagram truly is a photography social network that is a great way to reflect the human side of a business to further boost it so let us take advantage of that with 5 of these great tips!

5 Ways to make instagram work for your business

1. Social Media Promotion

Instagram has a feature that allows instant sharing of taken photos to Facebook and Twitter.

So make sure you have your business Facebook and Twitter pages and configure both to connect instagram to it that allows automatic posting and tweeting from there for a far great reach or exposure.

2. Marketing Contests

This is a very innovative and creative way of utilizing Instagram’s photos and interaction features. Initiate contests amongst your friends or customers for the best and most creative Instagram shots and give out prizes. This creates an atmosphere of warmth and social interaction and at the same time further boosts your business’ products. A Los Angeles bar Barney’s Beanery had done this and reaped the rewards of more loyal customers and engagement from them.

Instagram picture

3. Geo Tags

As the name implies, Instagram can tag locations on all photos taken, so if someone sees something they like, they know where they can find it. For businesses like entertainment spots, cafes, hotels, or restaurants, this may be effective in garnering customers, so do not forget to tag locations after taking them. New feature too like Photo Maps is very handy too that can embed your photos in a Google Map overlay which is very useful for visibility as many people use Google Map.

4. Marketing events you are part of organizing

For event planners out there, take advantage of Instagram and ask people to snap away at events that you have planned for added hype about them that further attract more guests to boost your business. Or if you have a promo or special discount events, ask help to market it. Instagram really does spread the words about anything so use it!

5. Integrate SEO strategy

All of these steps will be for naught if we won’t incorporate SEO into our instagram strategy. Remember that the goal is to maximize the business’s reach, and this directly equates to SEO. First off, review again the ins and outs of instragram, the highlight of this is the use of the hastag or “#” symbol before your photos to categorize and prep them for their rightful place once you blast them.

As a review and added SEO tactics, consider these pointers:

  • Again, ensure to connect your Instagram to your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare etc.
  • Use your highest quality camera or mobile phone to capture fun and significant photos, capture those shots that directly relates to your business and its product offerings, do not forget too that capability of Instagram to combine several frames into one for viewing convenience.
  • You may opt to combine or edit your photos too if you feel the need to ensure the highest quality and meaningful images to capture your niche more for maximum reach and impact.
  • Then lastly, which is very vital, is to describe your photos with SEO in mind, use your business related hashtags and accompanying keywords to maximize its SEO qualities. Remember that your goal is to maximize chances of people seeing your business related photos for maximum reach!

So there you have it! Integrating human interaction to your business is really a creative and effective way of strengthening your business. Needless to say, photography has been booming more and more so take advantage of it and spread the word using the current craze Instagram!

Author bio:

Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, an alumna of Business Management at Martin College Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has a passion in cooking and formulating vegan recipes. Follow her adventures on Twitter.