Too Much Background

With abstracts the main problem is if there’s a key component missing particularly the problem and leading untrim that if the significance is not clear if it’s too difficult to read that’s two days to much jargon to many acronyms and abbreviations so that meaning is lost if concepts are vague they’re not explained and not specific enough I know it sounds like a contradictions you say don’t be too dense and specific but don’t be too vague and hopefully I’ll show you in an example if the context is not explained that can make the project very abstract particularly for an international audience if the findings are not included or expressed as EDS findings and if there’s too much literature or background and not enough focus ok so let’s have a look at this example and what I really like you to do is to stop the recording read through the example and ask yourself questions about this abstract now that we’ve been through what should go in a into an abstract and what it should look like you know. Find out research essay examples onĀ Edusson.

Even if you just come up with one question begin to analyze this abstract okay so here are some of the comments that I would make and and this is really just to show to show you it’s not the purpose is not to pull this abstract apart so one of the things you want to be sure of is does the title match the abstract so are the concepts mentioned in the title also mentioned in the abstract and then the same thing you can do again is check if the keywords match the title and concepts in the abstract and if you look at this abstracts the keywords talk about burn art but burnout is not in the abstract and the concepts stress is in the abstract which is quite a vague concept so if you’re focusing on burnout you want burnout to be in the abstract and if this was a conference presentation I would certainly have sources to identify what you mean by bone art and whose whose perceptions are burnout you are drawing on and if you look at the keywords again there’s one key word called response which really means nothing and I think this was a typo.

I think it should be relaxation response but because there’s a comment in their response stands alone and that as a key word will not generate anything for you okay so let’s just have a look in terms of vagueness and specificity so middle school teachers here’s where the context needs to be fleshed out a little bit so we’re which schools are you talking about where which teachers are you talking about all the teachers in middle school are specific kinds of teachers and the concepts of stress is too broad academic achievement are you talking about performance performance through grades and again the entire school environments so if some of those concepts that I’ve identified were specific then you could probably keep entire school environment but because quite a few of these are vague it calls into question either vague comments it’s a little bit laser down school and community counselors and so with a question I would have is who who are community counselors and perhaps this is a contextual question.